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     Virtually the entire world is focused on the happenings in Ukraine as their country has been invaded.  Christians are asking these questions – What can I do? How can I help?


    Obviously the first thing we can, and should, do is go to our knees in prayer.  Some areas we can pray for include:

  1. Ask God to move in the hearts of those responsible for this invasion that they would cease the actions being taken.

  2. For peace to be restored.

  3. That the leaders in Ukraine have godly wisdom in their actions.

  4. For Christians to be strong in their faith and witness to those needing to know the peace only Jesus Christ can give.

  5. For those suffering from the stress, anger, feelings of despair and abandonment as they try and survive moment by moment.

     The list could continue as the Lord reveals areas for you to ask Him to intervene.

A tangible way anyone can get involved is, of course, financially. BBFI missionary in Romania, Sever Gonciulea, in partnership with Manna Worldwide, operates an orphanage facility on the border of Romania and Ukraine. Refugees are coming into the area and are being provided a safe place to stay along with food and water. It is not certain how long this refuge will be needed and provided, but if you are interested in helping with this tremendous need, please send your gifts to the BBFI marked “Ukraine Refugees”. 100% of all funds received will go directly to missionary Sever Gonciulea for accountability and distribution. Thank you for your prayers, care, and generosity for the people of Ukraine.

Donations may be sent to:

BBFI Missions

PO Box 191

Springfield, Missouri 65801

Or you can give online at:

ukraine refugee.001.jpeg

When you click on the link:

1.) Scroll down to 'Special Projects'

2.) Click on 'Select Project' and select Ukraine Refugees

3.) Click 'Give' and follow instructions

 Love God. Love People. Make Disciples. 

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